Plots, Data, Containment (2017)

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The works in this room reference themes that emerge in The Task, the film presented in the adjacent space. These include assemblages of magazine and mass-media images collectively titled Plots, containers of dirt labeled Data, and a series titled Containment.

The individual titles of the Plots correspond to The Task’s seven chapter headings and explore cultural codes that emerge as central themes in the film. The works that make up Containment explore intricacies of meaning underlying both the film’s production and the exhibition’s structure. Data—titled after a Tavistock term for information derived from subjective experience and empirical observations of the system—creates an allegorical comparison between information and dirt, both literal and metaphorical materials whose value rests in how they are used.

Ledare’s installation invites viewers to examine each work as a grouping of varied positions to be viewed from multiple vantage points and assigned multiple meanings—enacting the processes of identification similar to those produced by the mass media.

Containment (2017)
Glass, printed matter, laser print, paint, adhesive, silicone, wood
Three pieces: 22” x 30” each, plus text
Plots I - VII (2017)
Glass, printed matter, paint, paper, adhesive, silicone, wood, steel, and stains: jam, foie gras, excrement, paint, soap
66” x 46” x 1 1/4”
Data (2017)
Dirt, steel
66” x 20” x 20”